“This is my second experience with Weight management partners. I had amazing success using the
program back in 2016 when I got serious about finally getting my life long weight problem under control.
At that time I lost nearly 80lbs on the program. Flashforward to 2022. After giving birth to my second child in 2 years I had thrown all that I had learned and all concern for my weight while pregnant out the window. The scale absolutely reflected that. I knew I had to get serious about dropping what I had gained for myself and my family and I didn’t want to wait. Only 2 months after giving birth I gave Darlene and Weight Management Partners a call and she fit me in the schedule so I could get moving as soon as possible. I started the week before Thanksgiving and haven’t looked back.

My son is now 8 months old and his big sister is a toddler full of energy. I am back in my “before kids”
pants and love rediscovering the outfits in my closet I would not have been able to be the mom and wife I am today if I had put my weight loss journey on hold. Could I have done it without the help of the team at Weight Management Partners? Yes, I know I could have and I did after the birth of my daughter. But it took nearly 2 years to achieve the same results that I saw in only 6 months on the program.

I am still not at my “goal” weight but I know that at this point that “goal” weight is just a number on the
scale and I WILL be there in the next few weeks. When I hit that magic number I know that will not be
the end of my weight loss story. It will just signal the start of a new chapter in my story…….And I know
that Darlene and the team at Weight Management Partners will be there to help me continue to succeed.”

*Medical weight loss program results vary between individuals depending on initial weight, existing medical conditions and adherence to prescribed treatments. Speak to Dr. Berkeley about the results you can expect.