Medical Weight Loss Programs

Treatment Choices

Weight Management Partners believes that you have varied ways to achieve your weight loss goals and to improve weight related medical risks. No one diet fits every person. For this reason, we offer many options for weight loss and work with each client to find the very best fit for him or her.

OPTIFAST Weight Loss Program

This treatment plan makes use of OPTIFAST® nutritional formula. OPTIFAST® supplement is an excellent tool for weight loss and helps you shed weight by decreasing food choices while providing optimum nutrition in a small volume. You will begin your program with a full medical assessment by Dr. Abood and will continue to be medically monitored throughout your weight loss. Education, nutritional counseling and behavior modification techniques are provided in your meetings with both the doctor and our dietitians. You may choose to drink OPTIFAST® alone for 12 to 16 weeks or may combine OPTIFAST® with one or more meals.

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All Food Program

Patients who prefer an all -food treatment option will meet with one of our registered dietitians for creation of a personalized meal plan. Your plan will take into consideration your past weight loss experience, medical history, and activity level. Our experienced registered dietitians will help you develop healthy, well-balanced eating habits via one-to-one, personalized visits.

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Weight Loss Medications

Medications for weight loss are offered only to patients who are active in our program and who have made a good faith effort to lose weight through our nutritional programs.  Individual decisions about appropriate treatment and choice of medication are at the discretion of Dr. Abood. He will discuss your available options as well as potential risks and benefits and will monitor your treatment.  Medications are an adjunct to our treatment programs and will not be used as sole therapy.

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Maintenance Program

The most important piece of our weight management program is MAINTENANCE! Our success is measured on how well we have taught our patients the tools of maintaining to remain at their new weight and avoid regain. Upon reaching maintenance, each patient receives personalized nutritional counseling to construct and execute a long term maintenance strategy. Most patients transition to healthy, whole foods, but limited use of the Optifast products may still be used in maintenance if preferred.

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Pre and Post Bariatric Surgery Weight Loss

Weight Management Partners offers help to patients who are either preparing for bariatric surgery or who have completed their surgery and want to avoid or reverse regain.  Our registered dietitians will prepare you for surgery by achieving moderate weight losses that allow shrinkage of the liver and allow your surgeon to operate more easily. After surgery, we can help you to adjust to new dietary changes.

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