All Food Program

Weight Management Partners offers a variety of flexible, food-only eating plans for weight loss.

There are a number of reasons our patients may choose a full-food diet program. These include:

  1. Preference for avoiding packaged foods and supplements.
  2. Inability to follow other diets because of medications or medical diagnoses.
  3. Inability to visit the clinic weekly.
  4. Diet or religious food preferences (such as vegan, kosher, paleo)
  5. Lesser costs

If you choose a full food diet, you will first be evaluated by one of our experienced registered dietitians. A weight and eating history as well as a medical history will be taken. Patients who have multiple medical conditions or who take many medications may be referred to the doctor for further clearance. The majority of Food Program patients, however, do not require medical evaluation before beginning the diet.

Our experienced staff will design an individual diet that meets your specific needs and is constructed of healthy, whole foods. All of our diets, including food diets, are built to be lower in carbohydrate and fats and, higher in proteins. This nutrient ratio allows the best weight loss and will prepare you to eat in a way that maintains your lower weight once you have reached goal.