Weight Loss at Your Cleveland Workplace

Offering a weight loss program at work can turn your office space into a healthier place.

A workplace weight loss program is a health-focused initiative that brings nutritional and behavioral counseling  on-site and into your business. These programs combine individual and organizational strategies to produce benefits for employees and their families.

Workplace wellness programs are a growing trend across the United States.  Many studies have shown that workplace wellness is highly beneficial. A comprehensive workplace wellness program is an investment made by the employer in the well-being of the employee, and is often seen as a reflection of the level of value that a company places on its workers.  Benefits can include:

  • Lower healthcare and disability costs
  • Improved employee morale and retention
  • Reduction in absenteeism and enhanced employee productivity

In Cleveland, weight-loss programs are becoming popular within the workplace as a solution for rising health care costs and as a way to raise employer and employee morale.

Weight Management Partners has experience providing weight loss programs that are delivered on-site at businesses. Best of all, we get great results. We have found that on-site programs create an environment of excitement and increased health- consciousness within businesses.  Designed by Darlene Paluf, RDN, LD, our interventions make employees healthier and happier.

The Proof is in our Results

Our team has provided on-site workplace weight loss for the past four years. We are happy to share the results we have achieved in our work with a Cleveland Fortune 500 company:

The results of a pilot program conducted for just 16 weeks included:

  • 10% decrease in blood pressure
  • 15% decrease in total cholesterol
  • 48% decrease in triglycerides
  • 13 out of 20 participants discontinued or reduced their prescription medications due to their weight loss

Now, after four years on-site,  we have treated more than 200 employees and family members for a combined weight loss of approximately 5,000 pounds!

Let on-site weight loss make your employees healthier and happier!  For more information about workplace programs or to set up a pilot program for your business, contact Darlene Paluf, RDN, LD.