Helpful Weight Management Tips During Isolation

Now more than ever our focus needs to be on our safety and our health. One of the most significant risk factors for complications of COVID-19 is obesity. 

Although this COVID-19 pandemic is not in our control, improving our health through weight loss is.

Here are some helpful tips while following the stay-at-home order:

  • Weigh yourself daily – Do it first thing in morning as a dry weight helps with accountability.
  • Be careful where you set up shop – Avoid working in the kitchen and stay far away from pantry.
  • Get dressed every day – No sweats or pajamas, do buttoned pants to be aware of waistline.
  • Purchase healthy foods – We don’t have a shortage of food so avoid excessive junk food.
  • Prep the healthy foods for snacks – Make fruits and veggies as easy as convenience foods.
  • Try a new healthy recipe – Visit our website at for weekly recipes.
  • Switch up your kitchen strategy – Keep food out of sight.
  • Avoid eating out of boredom – Make a “to do” list of overdue projects or fun hobbies.
  • Stay on a schedule – We do better with work, food, and sleep if we can keep on a schedule.
  • Pay attention to the clock – Listen to your body when hungry; don’t wait too long and overeat.
  • Keep a food diary – Proven fact that we eat less when we write it down.
  • Find other ways to be active – Go outside for a walk and enjoy the spring weather.

Try at least one of these tips this week! Let us know which ones you find helpful and share some tips of your own.

For our current patients, focus on why you began your weight loss journey in the first place. For past patients struggling with your weight we are here to help. We are doing phone consults, pick-ups for OPTIFAST® products weekly, and shipping if necessary. Please contact us at 440-338-6009 or

Stay safe,

Darlene Paluf, RDN, LD, and your friends at Weight Management Partners