Weight Loss with OPTIFAST

optifast shake mixThis program makes use of OPTIFAST meal replacements to help you lose weight.  OPTIFAST was developed in 1974 by 3 physicians at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Cleveland.  It was originally designed as a total meal replacement (full-liquid diet) and can serve as your only food for 12 to 16 weeks because it meets or exceeds the RDA for all daily vitamin and mineral requirements.  However, full-liquid diets are not necessary for most dieters.  Excellent (and equally good) weight losses can be achieved through the use of OPTIFAST combined with nutritionally dense foods.

The OPTIFAST product line includes ready-to-drink shakes, high protein nutrition bars, and delicious soups. OPTIFAST supplements are an excellent tool for weight loss because they decrease food choice while providing optimum nutrition in a small volume.  Advantages of using OPTIFAST meal replacements include:

  • optifast barsHigh quality protein, low carbohydrate, low fat composition
  • Portion controlled servings
  • Ready-To –Drink shakes
  • Elimination of food choices, cooking, and counting calories

You will begin your program with a medical assessment by Dr. Berkeley and you will be medically monitored throughout your weight loss.  Education, nutritional counseling and behavior modification techniques are provided in your sessions with both the doctor and our registered dietitians. Once evaluated, our team will decide whether to recommend a diet using  full OPTIFAST meal replacements or a combination of OPTIFAST and one or more meals.

All patients will eventually advance to OPTIFAST plus 1 meal as they get closer to goal weight.

optifast soup mixHow do we determine goal weight?  Your goal weight is generally set after discussions between you, Dr. Berkeley, and the registered dietitians.  Once at goal weight, you will begin to use less OPTIFAST and to incorporate more nutritionally dense foods.  We call this period “transition” and it is a very important time to work closely with your registered dietitians to learn about correct portions and smart, healthy meal choices.

Scientific studies have shown that many weight maintainers benefit from continued use of meal replacements after they have lost weight.  For those patients who want to continue use of OPTIFAST after their weight loss is complete, our practice offers the option to purchase OPTIFAST products in appropriate amounts.