Meet Our Team

kim-krupitzerKim Kruptizer

Office Manager

Kim has run our front office for the past 15 years. She is the voice you will hear answering our phones and the first person you will see when you come to our program.

mira ilicMira Ilic

Registered Dietitian

Mira is a highly experienced dietitian with expertise in the fields of wellness and obesity. In addition to working as a dietitian in the wellness division of the Cleveland Clinic, Mira has been part of our practice since its inception in 2000. She has over 30 years of experience in working with overweight and obese patients.

lesley-grebitzLesley Gerbitz

Registered Dietitian

Lesley brings enthusiasm and an upbeat approach to our practice. She is a popular addition to the Weight Management Partners staff.

april-fratoApril Frato

Medical Assistant

April’s busy life includes working at Weight Management Partners​ and raising six children!

carlene-krizmanCarlene Krizman


Carlene served as head phlebotomist for a major Cleveland hospital for most of her career. Not only is she extremely skillful at drawing blood, she is one of the kindest people you will ever meet.

Leila PrimeranoLeila Primerano

Phlebotomist and Medical Assistant

Leila Primerano is one of our excellent phlebotomists and medical assistants. Leila has a number of years of experience working in hospitals and in the urgent care setting. In addition to being a skilled practitioner, Leila was once a professional ballroom dancer.