optifast productsMany of our weight options make use of the OPTIFAST supplement.  We want you know what OPTIFAST is, how it works, and how our practice differs from traditional OPTIFAST programs.

OPTIFAST is a medically designed liquid meal replacement that can facilitate weight loss.  It is made by Nestle HealthCare Nutrition.  It can be  used either alone as a full-liquid diet, or in combination with food.   OPTIFAST contains no drugs or medications, but its healthy composition allows patients to eat less food and feel less hungry.

Both Dr. Berkeley and Darlene Paluf have extensive experience with OPTIFAST for weight loss and have been working with it for over 30 years.  Both of them served as directors of the original hospital program that pioneered the use of the product.  They worked with and were trained by the team of Cleveland doctors who invented OPTIFAST.

Over the years, we have found that our patients generally do better when OPTIFAST is used in combination with a dinner meal rather than employed as a 12-16 week full liquid diet.   We find that this combination is easier, requires less blood work and monitoring, is medically safer, and—best of all— delivers weight losses that are equal to those achieved with full fasting.

Patients who qualify may begin our program with two weeks of full liquid diet and then move to one meal plus OPTIFAST.   For some patients, medications or other concerns prevent instituting the two week full liquid phase.  In these cases, patients will start the diet on OPTIFAST plus dinner meal.    Occasionally, and at the doctor’s discretion, longer periods of full liquid diet may be recommended