Why Choose Medically Supervised Weight Loss?

We want your weight loss experience to be a safe one.

The majority of weight loss programs are not monitored by a physician and this can put patients at risk for significant problems, especially when many pounds are lost.  Although most of us think of dieting as harmless, weight loss can be associated with gallbladder problems, kidney stones, gout attack, changes in liver tests, decreases in potassium, dehydration and other problems.

If you are prone to being overweight and/or obese, you may have developed related medical conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, acid reflux disease, and vascular disease.. While these problems can often be relieved or reversed by weight loss, it is safest for a doctor to monitor you during the dieting process. It is also important for a physician to monitor the medicines you take, as doses may change as you lose weight.

Our medical director, Dr. Berkeley, is board certified in both internal medicine and obesity medicine and specializes in the medical problems that accompany chronic weight issues.  Prior to beginning your program at Weight Management Partners, you will be fully evaluated by Dr. Berkeley.  She will explain all results to you in detail and will then follow your medical status throughout your weight loss journey.

Because Weight Management Partners is a medically supervised practice, we can offer FDA approved medications that may help with weight loss.  These are reserved for patients who are already established in our practice and are suggested at Dr.  Berkeley’s discretion.   We are confident in the ability of our program to create significant weight loss in the majority of our clients without the use of medication and we use medications rarely.

Understanding how weight is related to other medical problems is vital to motivating long term weight maintenance.  Your initial meeting with Dr. Berkeley will provide you with insight into what has caused your weight gain and previous regains.  In addition, Dr. Berkeley remains committed to providing you with ongoing educational resources through her book, blog and Facebook page.